Lieberman & Brandsdorfer is a boutique law firm located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We specialize in the areas of intellectual property law (i.e. Patent, Trademark & Copyright Law), Licensing, Business Law, Contracts, Tax, Non-Profit, and Trusts & Estates (Elder Law).

Our firm was founded by two individuals, Rochelle "Rocky" Lieberman and Mark M. Brandsdorfer, seeking to provide their unique combination of services to clients who are in search of either a boutique atmosphere for intellectual property law or one stop shopping for their legal service needs.

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Our clientele range from large multinational corporations to small individual entrepreneurs (with the hope of protecting their ideas and establishing growing businesses).

If you are in search of a firm that can provide our unique combination of legal services with a warm hands on approach please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you wish to get more information about what we do, please review our web site and see some of the diverse industries we deal with, some basics about the areas of law we practice, and how we can work for you.